The Arts as the Engine
for Change and Growth
Matera - Italy
Casa Cava, Sassi
01 - 02 December 2011

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a r t s 2 i n n o v a t i o n   f o r u m

The Arts2Innovation Forum aims to explore and explain how the arts represent successful drivers and instruments to shape the success of 21st century organizations.

As organizations are searching for new solutions to develop executives' leadership skills, engage and improve the working life of their people, face difficult management challenges, generate experience-based market value and spur resilience and innovativeness, the arts can sustain organizations to find new possible solutions to the emergent business problems. The Arts offer a new territory for business in order to support the enhancement of organisational value creation.

The 2011 Arts2Innovation Forum's theme is "The Arts as the Engine for Change and Growth". It will focus on how the arts can drive organizational change and support growth. In today's complex and highly competitive business landscape organizations both at micro and macro level are challenged to deeply transform themselves and find new ways to drive wealth generation. Keynote speakers will share their latest thinking on how the arts can impact on business value creation. In addition a creative workshop will spark reflections on the benefits of the arts in business.