A4BI education aims to promote and apply arts-based learning for developing individuals and organizations. Our events provide knowledge and frameworks to understand how the arts can be applied within organizations to enhance value creation capacity. We advocate the use of arts-based methods to shape engaging and inspirational learning experiences that enable the development of know-feel skills and the creation of emotive knowledge. As argued by Professor Giovanni Schiuma the productive and creative workforce of the 21st century will be made by artful workers. The Arts-based learning and development represents the fundamental tool to create such workforce.

Through a combination of research and education we are exploring future management systems and business models that will better enable organisations to address the management challenges and business problems of the new age. The aspiration of our education is to humanize organizations bringing the creative and emotional power of the arts in the work activities.

We work in collaboration with arts organizations and artists to design, implement and assess arts-based professional education courses that can inspire, galvanise and engage people within organisations.

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Our education initiatives

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