Giovanni Schiuma   prof. Giovanni SCHIUMA, PhD
Dr Giovanni Schiuma is Professor of Arts based Management and Director of the Innovation Insights Hub at University of the Arts London....

Daniela Carlucci
Ing. Daniela CARLUCCI, PhD
Daniela Carlucci is Assistant Professor at the University of Basilicata in Italy. She works at the Center for Value Management, University of Basilicata...
  Antonio Lerro
Dott. Antonio LERRO, PhD
Antonio Lerro is a Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Economics and Management at University of Roma 3 and University of Basilicata, in Italy...
Roberto Linzalone
Ing. Roberto LINZALONE, PhD
Roberto Linzalone is a research project manager within the Centre for Value Management at Basilicata University, Italy...
  Francesco Sole
Ing. Francesco SOLE, PhD
Francesco Sole is a post-doc researcher at the Center for Value Management of the University of Basilicata in Italy...